Clubhouse Rhinebeck, New York
Sound Lounge   New York
Van Halen's 5150 Studios   Los Angeles
Last Beat Records   Dallas
Carter Burwell Studio   New York
Roger Water's Studio   London
Electric Lady   New York
Synchrosound Studios   Kuala Lumpur
Pink Floyd's Britannia Row   London
Sorcerer Sound   New York
Marcus Musik   London
RPM Studios   New York
Fonovision Internacional   Bogota
MSP Studios, Sound over Soho   New York
Hljodriti Studios;   Reykjavik
Celestial Sound   New York
Studio Katy   Brussels
Skyline  New York
Synchro Sound (The Cars)   Boston
Watt Works   New York
Tamarand Studio   New York
Record Plant   Los Angeles
A&R   New York
Dig It Audio   New York
DK Studios   New York
Bearsville Sound   New York
Ace Frehley (KISS) Studio   Connecticut
JSM Music   New York
Sterling Sound   New York
Frankford Wayne   New York
Full Sail   Florida
Consultant to Roger Waters
Berlin "Wall" concert July 1990
Johnny Yuma Recording
(Patrick Leonard, Madonna, etc.)
   Los Angeles

The Whiskey  (W-Times Square, Trump Park, & W-New York)
New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans
W-Hotels  The Tuscany NY, The Court NY, Times Square NY, Union Square NY, New Orleans LA, French Quarter LA, Chicago City Center, Chicago Lakeshore, Los Angeles Westwood
Underbar  W-Union Square NYC
Lexbar  W-Court NYC
Blue Fin  W-Times Square NYC
Cherry  W-Tuscany NYC
Lemon   New York City
Craft   New York City & Dallas
CraftSteak   New York City
Muriels   New Orleans
Mundo   Coral Gables
Norman's   West Hollywood
Olives   New York City
Pop   New York City
Pop Pizza Bar   New York City
Pop Burger   
New York City
   New York City
Alva   New York City
China Grill   New York City
L-Ray   New York City
Michael Jordan's Steakhouse   New York City
Michael Jordan's 23.  Chapel Hill
Giorgio Armani Restaurants  Boston, Santa Ana,
Beverly Hills, New York
Hard Rock Cafe   New York City, Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto
Vallarta, Boston, Washington DC, Reykjavik, Tokyo, Berlin, Osaka,
Universal Studios Orlando, Singapore, Atlanta, San Juan,
St. Thomas, Mexico City, Paris
Planet Hollywood   New York City, Cancun, London, Chicago,
Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Aspen, Phoenix, Maui, Tahoe,
Atlanta, Vegas, Dallas, Reno, Orlando, San Diego, Atlantic City, Seoul, Honolulu, San Francisco, San Antonio, Barcelona,
New Orleans, Nashville, Seattle, Paris, Beverly Hills, Tel Aviv,
Sydney, EuroDisney Paris, Bangkok, Moscow, Dublin, Prague,
Amsterdam, Melbourne, Cannes, Prague, Key West, Berlin,
Oberhausen, St. Louis, Rome, Guam, Singapore, Vancouver, Toronto, Indianapolis, Edmonton
Planet Hollywood Screening Room   New York City
Euro Disney Entertainment Complex
(including all restaurants)
Harley Davidson Cafe   New York City, Las Vegas
Motown Cafe   New York City, Las Vegas, Orlando
Fashion Cafe   New Orleans, Jakarta, London, Mexico City
The Stock Exchange Club   Los Angeles
Sequoia Grill   Washington DC
Rock 'n' Roll Diner   Tokyo & Nigata
Fizz & La Ciudad   Mexico City
Club Z   St Thomas
New Roc City   New Rochelle, NY
Pop & Rock Cafe   Guam
Cyrano (Island Shangri-La)   Hong Kong
World Yacht's Dinner Cruise Ships   New York City
New York Health & Racquet Club Yacht   New York City
NASA, Spaceadrome   Bangkok
Canton   Hong Kong
America   New York City
Water Club   New York City
River Cafe   New York City
The Falls (1980's) New York City
The Sporting Club   New York City

Giorgio Armani / Emporio Armani   New York City
Gianni Versace   New York City
Prada Boutique   New York City

We respect the privacy of our home installation clients by not releasing the specifics of their designs. Our residential work ranges from budget-conscious single rooms to entire integrated systems and from small audio-only rack installations to fully realized home theater experiences.  TR Technologies works closely with every client. We ensure that our designs satisfy the client's every audio/visual and aesthetic need. For the most discriminating audiophile or a listener who simply wants their home or office to be state-of-the-art, TR Technologies can design any system, for any space, anywhere.

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