Sound Lounge

Rob Sayers of Sound Lounge wanted to expand his mixing for TV work to include mixing for cinema as well. A monitor system that could handle the Dolby X curve as well as normal material was needed. Here's a quote from Rob just as he was deciding to have Ted design new monitors for Sound Lounge: "I should tell you that when speaking to Dolby about small theatrical rooms for cinema mixing, they said: If you ever want to hear how this should be done properly, listen to the room Ted Rothstein did for Dig It Studios....
I know I've got the right guy on the job!" This system has 5 switchable EQ curves and compensation to perfect synch with the plasma screen, so it can handle anything. All frequencies, from the lowest audio right through the video range, are sent band by band, to the proper speaker driver or video display, delivering perfectly aligned information to the mixing engineer, making it easier to create great mixes.

Ted & Rob after final tweaking

Ted's original CAD design before construction