Ted Rothstein teams up once again with Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) and his producer/engineer Nick Griffiths to create a state of the art reference monitor speaker system. "Roger had a special requirement at his new studio in the south of England. Besides expecting the best possible sound and accuracy for any type of music material at any volume level, the beautiful view needed maximum visibility!"

Ted's newest creation utilized 7 amplifiers from HH, Chevin, and JBL as well as 22 drivers from Dynaudio and JBL to produce the elegant 9' tall by 10" wide 6-way speaker system. Three 4-way digital crossovers brought the system into perfect alignment using a combination Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley filter slopes from 12 dB/oct to 24 dB/oct. The sleek, black monoliths lend the purest sound to the beautiful English coutryside.

Ted Rothstein and Roger Waters