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Limited Edition (#28 of 100) Gold Microphone

A limited run of AKG's most famous microphone for their 50th anniversary in 1997.

Transducer: 1" dual-diaphragm pressure gradient
Directional Characteristic: Cardioid, hypercardioid, omni-directional and figure-of-eight
Frequency Range: 20Hz to 20,000Hz
Impedance: 180 Ohms

Sabine FBX-1020


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Sabine FBX-1020 NEW! - SOLD!


ATI PB2X8 Press Box

Brand NEW only $600

Value = $1500!


Shure PSM700

Personal Monitor

NEW - Half Price!

Shure PSM700

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AKG D 541E

A rugged, low-cost dynamic cardioid gooseneck microphone suitable for a wide range of general public address applications. The D 541E features speech-tailored frequency response for high intelligibility, shock mounted transducer for silent gooseneck adjustment and rejection of vibration noise, uniform off-axis response to avoid feedback, and a non-glare matte black finish. The D 541E is fitted with a Male XLR connector for detachable mounting.

Frequency Range: 140Hz to 17kHz - Sensitivity: 2 mV/Pa (-54 dB re 1 V)
SPL for 1/3 % THD: 133 dB - Equivalent Noise Level: 20 dB-A to DIN 45412
Impedance: 700 ohm - Size: Length: 14" / Max. Diameter: 1.4" - Weight: 12.2oz

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Burst SG-2

The SG-2 Black Burst Generator is a single output unit. The output, which contains composite sync, color burst and 7.5 IRE setup (0 IRE in PAL) is a standard 1 Volt Video signal. The SG-2 is used to drive Genlock inputs, laydown "black" on tape, or feed a DA to distribute house black.
Output: 1 volt standard video NTSC
Output Impedance: 75 Ohms 1%
Sync Tip: -40 IRE
Burst: +/-20 IRE, 3.579545 Mhz
Setup: 7.5 IRE NTSC - Video Output: BNC (Y/C:4 pin MiniDin)
Output Protection: Open or Short, infinite duration - DC Powered: 11-18 Vdc

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Storecase S20A100
Removable Drive Enclosure

The Data Express® DE100 is a steel-constructed removable drive enclosure for mounting 3.5 inch form factor, half-height (1.6 inch) or low-profile (1 inch) SCSI or IDE drives into 5.25 inch half-height peripheral bays. All Data Express models feature a front-accessible key lock which secures the carrier within the receiving frame.
H = 1.70" x W = 5.75" x D = 8.18" (Dimensions vary per interface type.)
Weight = 2.5 lbs (Frame and carrier only)

-- Color: Black or White
-- For 3.5" half-height & low-profile IDE & SCSI drives
-- Requires 5.25" peripheral expansion bay
-- Supports Ultra ATA/133 & SCSI Ultra320
-- Downward compatible with previous IDE & SCSI technologies

Panasonic VKW1499
Panasonic AG-M730
Panasonic KX-HCM10

Todd Systems - Stepdown Isolation Transformers


LI250-1SC 240:120 v 250w Stepdown Isolation Transformer
LI500-1SC 240:120 v 500w Stepdown Isolation Transformer
LI1000-1SC 240:120 v 1000w Stepdown Isolation Transformer
LI2000-1SC 240:120 v 2000w Stepdown Isolation Transformer
Xantech Xantech - AC-1
AOpen AOpen - FM56-SVV
Denon DCM-5000/5001
ADS TV Superscan 2 ADS TV Superscan 2
Linksys Linksys - RSV4000

Niles - AXP-1

Niles - AVS-2

Niles - OTI-512

ATI ATI- Radeon 9800
AutoPatch - Xn 8x4 stereo audio matrix
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