Soundwebs in Motown

By BSS Audio

A pair of BSS 9088 Soundwebs have been installed into the Motown Café – in the new City Walk zone at Universal Studios in Orlando – by leading US audio consultant Ted Rothstein of New York-based TR Technologies.

Rothstein, who has been installing audio visual systems since 1980, has numerous Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Café sites around the world to his credit. He realised that the Soundweb would be perfect to plot the sound in the multi-zoned theme restaurant dedicated to the music and spirit of Tamla Motown. The programme alternates computer playback Motown classics with Motown tribute acts singing to freshly mixed backing tracks.

Motown Café comprises numerous sound and video zones on various floors. Key locations are the DJ booth and amp room at rear-of-house, conveniently sited to minimise the speaker wiring. A Soundweb is situated at each location, linked by Category 5 cable which, according to Ted Rothstein, delivers a perfect signal to the loudspeakers.