The TRDJ is a virtual DJ within a computer controllable enviroment. A self-contained music playback system, it comes programmed with all the information about your CD collection. It knows Beats per Minute, Artist, Title, Music Style, Billboard Chart Placement, Year, has a Quality Rating and more so that you can select whatever parameters suit your musical taste at a particular time and filters your collection to play just that range of music.

Use the main controls to cue any track, artist or disc and watch your Multidisc players chase with accurate timing. Listen to hours or days of continuous music with all songs cross-fading from one another seamlessly leaving no 'empty spaces' and no delay between songs. TRDJ is compatible with and gives you control over any serial controlled Multidisc CD players such as the Denon DCM-5000 and Pioneer CACV3200.

The TRDJ system has been installed in over a hundred different venues from Planet Hollwood, W-Hotels, retail stores, restaurants and even in private homes with large CD collections.

The TRDJ Computer features a built-in ethernet connection that allows you to download the latest software updates and music databases.

Controllable through Touch-screen monitors with an intuitive graphic interface. Simply touch the on screen buttons and the music plays. (The system is also controllable with a standard mouse and computer monitor).

At the top of every window are the main function controls (Stop, Play, Pause, Crossfade, Shut-Down) and a display that shows the current date and time as well as the length or elapsed time of the currently playing song.

At the bottom of every window are the buttons for the four windows (Main Menu, Filters, Event Picker, and Maintenance) that make up the TRDJ.

The Main Menu window shows the current playlist of songs that have played, are currently playing and waiting to play.

In the event that you don't want to hear a particular song from the playlist, or if you've gone part of the way through a song and don't want to hear any more of it, you can press the 'Crossfade' button and the song will fade into the next song on the playlist.

There are also two pausing options: 1) 'Pause at end' will finish the current song and pause the system. When the 'Play' Button is pressed, the system will begin playing the next song in the playlist. 2) 'Crossfade into Pause' will fade out the current song at whatever point its at and pause the system. When the 'Play' Button is pressed, the system will begin playing the next song in the playlist.


Searching capability allows you to quickly find a particular CD, Artist or Song. Just type in a key word and search by type.

The 'Add to Track List' button lets you add any song to the playlist, no matter what filters you have set; so you can add that Hard Core Punk song in the middle of your Classical music listening mode.

Or let the power of the system select the music for you by using filters.


You can change any parameter at any time with instant results. Filter your collection by Beats per Minute, 30+ Music Styles, Billboard Chart Placement, Year, or Quality Rating.

See the number of tracks that meet the criteria of the filters set.

Save a set of custom filters to recall at any time.


The Maintenance Window shows the status of the Multidisk player(s) that are connected to the system. This is also where new CDs are barcoded so that they are recognized by the TRDJ Database.