From New York's chic Whiskey at the Paramount Hotel to Hard Rock Cafes in London, Osaka, and St. Thomas and Planet Hollywoods in New York, Cancun, London and Chicago, TR Technologies has established itself as the paradigm for nightclub and restaurant system design.

The TR Technologies design philosophy for public venues sounds disarmingly simple. It begins with the mandate to reproduce recording studio quality sound, in stereo, with the fidelity and energy of the original recording. Then, in order to meet client specifications, the design should incorporate system features which accommodate switching from prerecorded material to live performance, remote recording, or video presentation without inviting system default or operator error. Finally, the design philosophy calls for speaker and equipment placement which blends harmoniously with the decor and is as accessible for maintenance as a lightbulb.

TR Technologies has also applied these principles to video systems for public spaces.  Utilizing multiple-disk video changers, new glare-reduced screen technologies, and proprietary designs for housing, cabling and switching, TR Technologies is making video programming and presentation a problem-free option for clubs and restaurants.