I have always been fascinated with capturing and preserving moments of excellence. Even as a child I was deeply involved with photography and home audio recording. My professional commitment to creating the finest sound and video systems in the world emerges both from that history and from an exacting personal mission. For me, it's always about trying to get closer to the source, using whatever technology is available, or whatever I have to invent, so that the reproduction of music or image is so precise as to be indistinguishable from the moment of creation.

I want people to know this about me because my philosophy drives my company. Every project, from the acoustic design of world-class recording studios to the customized development of new systems for nightclubs and discriminating private clients is treated as a singular challenge. And every project receives the fullest hands-on attention from myself and my staff, from the initial conceptual planning meetings through coordination with on-site contractors to the final testing and analysis.

After more than 40 years of systems design, product development, and involvement with special projects I know that the process of selecting a hands-on systems consultant is a crucial one. TR Technologies' clients can be confident that our systems are designed by experts, assembled with uncompromising commitment to quality, and installed with craftsmanship and care. I stand by that.