Great sound. Brilliant, expansive, radiant sound. Great video.
To create environments and equipment that deliver clear, powerful, and precise sound and image is an art. TR Technologies approaches the art of audio and video reproduction with unparalleled mastery.

What we do:
elevate existing speakers to state-of-the-art capability
build recording studios from the ground up
upgrade existing studios
develop custom componentry
create fully computer-controlled CD automation systems for
homes, restaurants, and retail stores
plan and execute home theaters
design audio environments
make things sound very good

How we do it:
TR Technologies' principals and staff members are designers, programmers, technicians, and engineers. Our corporate mission is to meet the audio needs of every client through the optimized use of our collective resources -- an exacting passion for acoustical knowledge, a spirit of daring and invention born of many years of technical expertise, and an unwavering commitment to do things right.